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Costly Mistakes to Avoid After You Buy Your First Home

A single-level ranch-style house with a front porch, two-car garage, and well-maintained front yard.You’re smart. You’re doing your research about home buying and homeownership (like you are right now!), so you feel like you’re prepared to avoid common home buying pitfalls. But you’ll soon find that once you’ve moved in, there is a whole new list of common problems that plague unwary first-time homeowners.

To help you make the best buying and ownership decisions possible, we’ve outlined some of the the biggest blunders that first-time buyers make after closing on their home.

Investing in Too Many Upgrades

Not every home improvement project is worth the money or effort. Many first-time homeowners make the mistake of not considering a project’s return on investment, at least until it’s time to sell the house down the road.

If you want to know which home improvements are worth the investment, talk with a real estate agent or get a market report for your neighborhood. Give us a call and we’ll send one to you.

Ignoring “Minor” Maintenance Issues

Water dripping out of a long kitchen faucet and into the sink.As your home ages, seemingly minor issues may arise. But be careful: A dripping faucet, crumbling caulk, or slanting floors could spiral into much bigger headaches if you don’t take care of them quickly.

To avoid shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road, tackle these maintenance issues as soon as you can.

We’re happy to provide local vendor recommendations if you need maintenance work. Just give us a call!

Choosing the Cheapest Repair Option

Quality comes at a price, especially when it comes to making repairs. Whether it’s picking up a cheap tool set or going with the lowest bid for a service provider, many first-time homeowners make the mistake of sacrificing quality for cost.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend a high-quality local service provider.

Trying to DIY a Complicated Project

A large bathroom with white countertops, a white standing tub, white bidet, frameless glass shower, and orange walls.Some things can be done yourself. Think painting, hanging up shelves, or sprucing up the front entry.

But when it comes to stuff like plumbing, electricity, or structural engineering, think again. Hiring a professional will save you time and money — and keep you from starting a project you don’t know how to finish.

Need to talk to a contractor? Call us and we’ll give you recommendations.

Not Preparing for the Unexpected

A sudden job change, severe weather damage, or major maintenance problem can throw a wrench in your plans. Be sure that you budget accordingly for unexpected expenses as a homeowner.

We’re Happy to be a Resource

As local real estate experts, we have a wealth of information that can help you avoid many of these first-time home buying and homeownership mistakes. Contact us to learn more.

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in the Silicon Valley

You’ve decided to buy your first home, and you’ve chosen the Silicon Valley!Estate Agent Showing Prospective Female Buyer Around PropertyIt’s a wise choice—high-paying and high-tech jobs abound, attractions and entertainment wait around just about every corner, and quality of life is very high in this blossoming area. But where to begin? Buying your first home can be a very daunting process if you don’t know where to start. But it doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. Start slow, get organized, be prepared, and the process will go smoothly.

Before You Buy

Before you start searching for homes or attending open houses, there are a few important details to work out.

1. What type of home are you looking for?

Do you want a brand-new home, or are you willing to try your hand with a fixer-upper? Do you want your own space or something more urban, such as a condo or townhome?

2. What neighborhood and home features do you need?

Some neighborhoods have a lot of amenities, others offer quiet seclusion and large yards. And deciding the details of your home—number of bedrooms, style of kitchen, closet size—is obviously crucial, as well.

3. What size loan do you qualify for?

You’ve got the perfect image of a home in your head—but that’s only relevant if you can get a loan! Find out what lenders will actually offer you, based on credit and income, before you start really searching for houses.

4. What can you afford?

Just because a bank will give you a certain amount of money, doesn’t mean you can afford it! Consider all the costs associated with buying a home—from down payments and closing costs to insurance and property taxes. Keep in mind that home costs aren’t just your monthly mortgage payments, and remember details like the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Discussion with a real estate agent at the officeBuying a Home

So you’ve worked out all the details… Now it’s time to really get started!

So, what’s first?

1. Find an agent.

This is an important first step—especially for a first-time buyer. Since this is your first time in the home-buying arena, you want to focus on finding an agent who knows the local market, inside and out, but who will also be able to give you the personal attention and time to guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

2. Find your home.

Use an advanced search tool to narrow down your home search by location, neighborhood, price, amenities, styles, and more!

3. Hone in on your finances.

There are many  home-buyer assistance programs in California and the Silicon Valley designed to reduce the amount of your down payment and make buying your own home considerably more affordable.

4. Make an offer.

Once you find that perfect home, make an offer. Your agent will help you find the right price to offer.

5. Request a home inspection.

Have a trained professional walk through and check for quality, safety, and overall condition of the home.

6. Close.

Breathe a sigh of relief, and then dive into the paperwork.

7. Move in!

Finally… It’s yours!

Are You a First-Time Home Buyer in the Silicon Valley?

If you’re a first-time home buyer in the Silicon Valley, you’re probably looking for a top real estate agent that you can trust to guide you through the complicated process and ensure you’re getting the best possible deal on your valuable investment. We at Gary & Robert Real Estate Team would love to answer all your questions and talk more about the buyer services we offer. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Not moving to the Silicon Valley? Our network of Preferred Realtors can help you find the right agent, wherever you’re headed!